Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween costume.

I love fall. I love the changing of the seasons. The red, orange and yellow foliage. I love the crispness in the air. It just seems like it is so much more pure. I love the fall festivals and going to the pumpkin patch. I will gladly admit that Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favourite holidays. Rather odd for someone that never grew up with either. This is a post about Halloween though. I spend all year wracking my brain for ideas to make the perfect costume for my son. In fact the conception of my sons first Halloween costume occurred when I was still pregnant. I knew that he was going to be a koala. A little tribute to my Aussie side.I will include some pictures of the costume that I made back in 2010. But the rest of the pictures will be about the costume that I made this year. Warning... this will be a picture intensive post.

Firstly JJ's first Halloween as a koala. I designed and sewed this costume in 1 day. Turned out perfectly. He was warm and cuddly. I was a tree..... get it?

This year was a lot harder to make a decision. I went back and forth on many things. I figured this would be the last year that I would have all the say in JJ's costume. And it was only after we were playing amongst the trees in the yard that I realised he looked very much like a woodland fairy flittering around and playing peek a boo.  So this year JJ (yes, my son) is a woodland fairy. I designed and sewed the costume and I think that JJ pulled it off remarkably.

And of course the little woodland fairy needs to enjoy his spoils....

And.... because I was doing a little reminiscing I thought I might as well share JJ's first pumkin carving. There is such a narrative. He did not like the feel of all that icky stuff and had a complete meltdown. However after a nap and was more willing.



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