Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mixing colors in milk.

This was a simple little activity that JJ and I did. It was a great way for us to work at patience and following directions. Of course there is some fun visual color play in there as well.  JJ thought the results were pretty "wow".  2 year old wonder is certainly a great bonus. 

I laid out the things we would need.
Some powdered milk in a bowl.
A small pitcher (creamer) of water.
Red, yellow and blue food coloring or dye. 
And some mixing tools. In our case a spoon and a whisk.

As soon as everything was laid out JJ wanted to dump everything in the bowl. I made him wait and I had him follow my directions step by step.

"Pour the water in the bowl."

"Whisk the milk." 

"Give me the blue dye. Give me the yellow dye. Give me the red dye."

This is when I would add a few scattered drops of each dye and have him wait before mixing them.

"Slowly stir the colors together and see how pretty they look." 

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