Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sensory ~ Hot and Cold ~ 20 months

Today JJ and I did a thermic sensory activity.  In one container I  heated some water in the microwave until  it was hot. In reality it was only warm. I did not want to burn. In a second container I chilled some water with ice.

CIMG6297CIMG6293We then dyed the hot water red and the cold water blue and I let JJ alternate putting his hands in the hot and cold water. He loved to splash it around. I then gave him a whisk and he created some bubbles with soap flakes.

JJ then practiced transferring bubbles with a spoon from one container to the other. Then of course I just let him free play and dump bubbles everywhere and splash water.
   CIMG6299 CIMG6306 CIMG6312

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