Monday, August 22, 2011

The start of a new tot school year ~ 19 months

Summer seems to be coming to a end; in the northern states at least. I have even started seeing the trees start to turn. The cooler nights and the end of summer means back to school time for many of the children and teachers across the United States. I figure it is as good a time as any to start introducing a little more structure to JJs learning time. We have had some amazing progress over the summer.

JJ still has his speech delay and has started speech therapy once a week and he also attends an early intervention class.  JJ has had a communication explosion with sign language. Even without speech JJ gets a lot of his meaning across and has even started to use signs to make rudimentary word couplings and sentences. For example; each night after I sign *Thank you for being mummy’s baby. I love you* JJ signs back, *Thank you, I love you, mummy, sleep, baby*

JJ is now able to recognize many pictures in books. He completely skipped the second step in the identification~recognition~recall 3 step learning process.  JJ was never able to point out pictures in books when I asked him, however one day he just randomly started telling my what the pictures were using his newly acquired signs. So that was a huge learning step for us. He is now able to point out a few things and even find their matches.

This tot school year I wish to continue exposing JJ to lots of vocabulary. I will continue teaching him signs so that he can communicate with me and I hope that along the way we get a break through with his speech.

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