Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colors and Shapes ~ 19 months

JJ is now becoming quite proficient at recognizing two dimensional shapes such as circle, square, rectangle and triangle. He is able to match shapes. He is doing well with the colors blue, green, yellow and red. However if I throw in an orange option JJ struggles to distinguish red from orange and yellow from orange.

Below are videos of JJ matching colors and shapes. Initially he has no interest in doing this. So I set it up on the table and  talk aloud while modelling the matching tasks. Eventually JJ comes over and watches what I am doing. Then I leave the table set up or several hours  and JJ will go to it on his own and practice matching shapes or colors. Sometimes I am shocked to see the things I have been teaching him is register because he will never show off his knowledge on cue.

Color Matching


Shape Matching

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