Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sensory Fun ~ Cooked Spaghetti


I first saw this fantastic sensory idea over at The Imagination Tree. It was amazingly simple but the results are stunning. I cooked spaghetti then drained and rinsed it. I tossed in a little olive oil and separated into containers. Then I just added in a few drops of food dye, mixed and let it sit. By the time JJ had woken from his nap the colors were brilliant. He was a little wary to touch the spaghetti at first then he dug his hands right on in. Eventually, much to my dismay, he discovered that he loved the resounding SPHLATT is made as he threw it on the floor in big clumps. I am glad he had fun!

 CIMG5844 CIMG5863CIMG5846  CIMG5847 CIMG5849 CIMG5850 CIMG5853 CIMG5856  CIMG5860



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