Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crafting Time ~ 20 months


I am saddened when people assume that arts and crafts aren’t ‘educational’ enough for children. I find that the most educational moments in a tot’s life at the ones that are filled with the most fun. There is so much more to educating tots than letters, counting, colors and shapes, I am equally saddened when I hear that people think that their tots are too young to participate in crafts. There are plenty of simple crafts that they are able to do with just a little assistance. For JJ and I doing arts and crafts are a fun learning time and even more importantly a great bonding time.
This week our craft project was a fish. JJ loves fish, he does the sign for fish, he points them out in books, he makes fish noises with his mouth and he loves to watch them in an aquarium. Most importantly for mummy, fish are easy to draw – even if I did forget the fins.
Here are the skills and concepts that we worked on while doing our fish craft
  • Tracing the outline of the fish with a finger
  • Cutting paper with scissors
  • Tearing paper
  • Applying glue with a glue stick
  • Pasting small pieces of paper vertically for seaweed and within the outline of the fish.
  • Squeezing paint into a container
  • Pouring water from a pitcher into a container
  • Stirring paint and water with a brush until it is mixed
  • Painting
  • Following directions
  • Colors
  • We also talked about fish, made their onomatopoeia and did the sign for fish over and over again.
First we gathered our supplies:
He was excited to be pouring water and to be using a big paintbrush.

Then mummy drew the fish. I didn’t even realize that it was missing fins. It is evident that I am no artist. It is a happy fish though.
“Uh mum… there is something fishy about this fish”

JJ then cut and tore pieces of paper to make the seaweed and scales for the fish.
As you can see it is a learning process.

JJ was a little overzealous with the glue stick. He pretty much covered the paper in glue. With guidance he was able to paste the seaweed vertically and paste the scales within the outline of the fish.
  0826011851a  0826011852a 0826011853

Perhaps I am a little crazy, I did let JJ squeeze the paint into the container, then I let him pour the water into it too.

Lastly, paint, paint, paint.
 0826011900 0826011900a  0826011901

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