Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JJ is 15 months
This is just a generic catch up post because I have been very lax with taking pictures lately. Most times that we have been having our one on one mummy and JJ times we are spending so much time just enjoying the moment that I haven't even bothered getting up and looking for my camera. 

For the last several weeks I have been taking a thematic approach with JJ and it has been going quite well. I have never been a fan of thematics but with JJ only being 15 months it works really well.

 Our Senses

Taste: I put flavors into a dropper and put it on JJs tongue and told him what flavor it was and watched his reaction. I used sugar water for sweet, lemon juice for sour, vanilla extract and water for bitter, and some melted cheese and water for umami. He really liked the sweet and umami best. 

Touch: We did finger painting in the bath tub and I added sugar to one cup of the paint to see what he felt about the different textures. He preferred the paint without the sugar and he really didn't even want to touch the paint with the sugar in it. 
In the bath I also kept changing the water from hot (warm really) to cold and telling him and teaching him the signs for each respectively.
I also let JJ feel some rough sandpaper and then some smooth suede cloth and explained the difference between rough and soft. 

See: We played a lot of peek a boo. Still a favorite game of ours.
We also went into the bathroom where it is dark with a little flash light with us and we tracked that. I also would turn on the light and tell JJ that it was light and bright, then turn off the light and tell him it was dark and dingy. 

Hear: We made a clamor by clapping, stomping, banging on pots and talking in out BIG voices. I then talked about how loud we were. Then I tried to show JJ how to clap, stomp, and tap the pots gently and talk in our little voices to demonstrate soft noises. This was a fail. He liked making the loud noises way too much. 
We also learnt about pitch by me singing high and low notes, and rhythm by us clapping,stomping and dancing quickly and slowly.
I let him play with his shakers, they have different things in them such as kix, bells and rice.  

Smell: We didn't really do much with this. When we were in the bathroom, often on the potty, I would open all our different lotions, body washes, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc for JJ to smell. He really like his Burt's Bee body wash and my deodorant. When he smelled his daddy's deodorant he yelled out "dada!" He did not like the smell of the toothpaste or vinegar that I use to clean the shower. 

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