Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today we did blocks. This is not only a fine motor skill but it is also a problem solving or cognitive skill. JJ had to sort the blocks into the right sizes to be able to nest them. Then he had to face them in the right direction so that he could nest the next block. He has become quite accomplished at nesting 3 blocks at a time however when confronted with four blocks he is overwhelmed and struggles to do the task. To pique JJ's interest in the blocks I would start to play with them. I modeled how to nest them, then turn them over, stack them and knock them down. I used consistent vocabulary; in, over, up, down. JJ came over to knock the blocks down then proceeded to work on nesting them. He had no interest in stacking them.

JJ has discovered the joys of spinning and dancing like a troll. So we spent a lot of the morning doing that. 

Later I tried to demonstrate how to squat and jump. I would say down and up as I did these.  JJ isn't even close to jumping yet. He just stood there, sucked on his thumb and stared at me like a was a lunatic. However he must have been paying attention because later that day he proceeded to do several squats, followed by some failed jumps, all while he yelled UP!

We were able to have three successful reading sessions today. Which is a very impressive feat for us. I have been reading from this book called 3-Minute Stories: Fairy Tales. JJ seems to really like it. The pictures are vivid enough that he is happy to look at them, and the stories really are only 3 minutes 'short', which is great for a little busy fella on the go. Today we read Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and the Twelve Dancing Princesses.
We also spend the day flicking through a variety of DK My First Board Books. He really likes the farm, tractor, first words and body book.
Lastly I have been making it a habit of reading him more nursery rhymes. I have a set of books called My First Rhymes and My First Songs. These are my all  time favourite starter collection of nursery rhymes and songs. Between both books they cover the majority of well know mother goose rhymes. They are also shortened which is great at retaining JJ's attention while I read sing and finger play  through the books. 
Links to books we read today:

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