Thursday, March 17, 2011


  1. It looks like JJ's crib only has 3 rails! Is he sleeping in a toddler bed now? If so how did you make the change? I want to change our little guy but am really nervous to try. Thanks!

  2. JJ has a mini crib which was converted to a toddler/day bed when he was about 13 months old. I had to do the conversion because even with the crib on its lowest settings he was almost able to climb out. He would pull himself up so that his upper torso dangled over the edge. Very scary. So I resolutely removed the front of the crib, kept it on is lowest settings and lay a mattress pad on the floor just in case he rolled out. I expected many restless nights of him not staying in bed, or of him falling onto the pad on the floor. However he didn't even consider getting out of bed, even though he was capable. He would always call me to come get him after he woke. Never had any problems. He would sometimes sleep with his feet dangling over the edge of the bed but he somehow knew and has never once fallen out.
    About a month after he started sleeping in his bed he figured out that he could get in and out on his own and then it became trickier to get him to go to bed. So I kept his room dark and he has nothing to do in a dark room so he just rolls over and goes to sleep. It does help that ever since he started sleeping in his crib at 5 months old, that I have put him to sleep awake and he just rolls over, scratches the sheets, sucks his thumb and goes to sleep completely on his own.