Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Today was Valentines Day, which we call love day. I wanted to make the day as pinky and lovey dovey as I could for JJ. Lets face it, this day is one of the few days that it is okay to play around with pinks and reds and hearts for boys.... right?
JJ got a cute little white teddy bear, a box of 3 chocolates, 20 troll dolls to practice counting with, some cookies and a card that we made together. 

We started the day with a breakfast. I made yogurt and oatmeal with blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. All mixed together it make a very bright pink breakfast.
For lunch JJ had a grilled cheese in the shape of a heart with a side of peas, carrots and mashed potato and brisket.
For dinner JJ had heart shaped beet and banana pancakes with cottage cheese, cheerios and strawberries. Of course he loved all his food, I think the whole theme went over his head though.

We also made love day cards for JJ's daddy and little friends, and cookies that we baked. I will do a separate post for the cookies here. We finished our love day fun with a mock photo shoot (I am no photographer, nor do I have a decent camera) which JJ did not want to cooperate with. 

To make cards I had JJ stick a heart onto a card which I had already written onto. He then flicked a little water onto the card with his fingers then he 'painted' onto the card with one of my old blush brushes and blush. He loved it. This has been the most enthralling art project that we have done yet. And it is mess free!
He also personally decorated the backs of the cards with a sticker and some crayon scribble. 

The final products. 

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