Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ring Stacker

It has been several months since we have really practiced stacking rings, so during this week toy rotation I pulled out my favourite ring stacker. At first JJ had no interest in the stacker; he is more into the shape sorter these days. However once I sat down and started demonstrating the ring stacker his interest was piqued. The other night during his first few attempts at completing the stacker JJ was initally frustrated and ended up throwing the stacker across the room. So we retired it for the evening and went to bed.

I figure JJ might have been dreaming about the stacker because the next morning it was the first thing that he wanted to play with. He was able to complete the stacker with ease this time. Now he likes to mix it up and try and put the duck out of order. Going so far as to try and balance the rings on the duck's head. Silly boy. 


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